Loved this at our wedding, guests all had a ball
while we had our 'official' photos taken. The guestbook is fantastic, such a great keepsake! Cheers!

Sarah L

Everyone loved the amazing traveling photobooth - and we did too. So many brilliant shots - so much fun, silliness, romance, creativity captured….The album is an inspired idea and is much treasured by us.
Nick and Rach

You guys were perfect! The photos are hilarious and the booth was a hit. Will be recommending to anyone who will listen. Thanks heaps.
Shab and Zach

Thanks so much - we had a great time and people are still talking about it. We love the guest book - such a great way to capture memories of a fabulous, indeed amazing, wedding day. Thanks!
Karen and Will

OUTSTANDING. We were privileged enough to have theamazingtravellingphotobooth at my girlfriend's 21st…The night was a huge success and the host was awesome. Everyone had such a great time and the guestbook was a great memento from the night. Strongly Recommended!!!!!!

I think theamazingtravellingphotobooth is a beacon of kiwi ingenuity and old fashioned goodtimes in a sea of hipstamatic vapidity.
Kate A

If I were a photo booth I would want to be this one. It is so many things to so many people. The amazingness of it never ceases to amaze & the fact it is travelling makes it a true rival of any tardis anywhere, any time.. not to mention the speed! As a photobooth it is second to none in functionality & spectularity with some supersonic fabulousity just for good measure :)
Tarsh T

My god! It's called the amazing travelling photobooth, but we didn't realise that it was ACTUALLY A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...and travelling! The photos on my fridge of my beautiful children and husband remind everyday of this fact.
Heather W