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Where are your booths based? How far will you travel?
We have booths situated in AUCKLAND, WAIHEKE ISLAND, TAURANGA, TAUPO, WELLINGTON, QUEENSTOWN and DUNEDIN! The first 25km of travel is included.

Is set up and pack down time included in the price?
Yes. When you book for two, three or four hours of photo booth time, that is the length of time the booth is available for your guests.

When is the best time to have the photo booth?
For personal events (like weddings and birthdays), consider a time when your guests will be relaxed. At expos and promotional events, the flow of people is often quite different and we work with you to customise a package to give you the most value for money. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How many people can fit in a booth?
With its custom-designed cantilevered canopy, the booth is ideal for cosy couples but the curtain can also expand to accommodate all of your cousins/ colleagues.

So, how many photos does it take?
It takes as many as you like, photographs are unlimited for the duration of your hire period.

Where do the photos go?
The photo strips print out immediately for your guests. As the event organiser you also get a full disc of all the photos. You choose whether or not photos are published online.

Do you upload immediately to Facebook or other social media sites?
We are able to do this. However, we prefer the opportunity to edit out the photos that your guests would rather keep private.

How long should I book The Amazing Travelling Photobooth for?
We have two, three and four hour packages, which cater to most events and group sizes. Two hours is most appropriate for smaller, more intimate occasions. If you have at least 80 guests, consider three hours or more.

Can it go outside?
With access to power, shade and level ground, you can put us just about anywhere.

Is the booth easy to use?
Check your look in the mirror, choose a button, wait for the bell and smile – that's all you have to do. Your guests will not be confronted with any confusing technology.

Do you provide props?
We can and we do, but we also help you come up with the best theming for your event.

I want to buy an Amazing Travelling Photobooth, may I?
No, we are having too much fun with this business to let it go yet. But if you are interested in becoming a host, we welcome you getting in touch.

I am just having a small event, can I book it for this?
We have a discounted small event rate for midweek functions, Monday to Thursdays, available on enquiry.